Want to sample the atmosphere before coming?

I’m delighted to welcome you to Kwartelenmarkt 11 at 3.

This is a place that has long been associated with food. “Kwartel” is Dutch for quail so – as the name suggests – quails were traded here from the fourteenth century until after the Middle Ages. And in the first half of the nineteenth century a mill stood on this square that was used to grind corn and pepper.

I’m telling you all this because we here at Kwartelenmarkt 11 want to link in with regional agricultural and culinary traditions in a contemporary manner. Wherever we can, we source products for our dishes from growers, butchers and bakers here in the area, because we’re proud of the products than stem from this region. Because it is precisely those products that you source locally that are fresh and thus the most delicious.

At Kwartelenmarkt 11 at 3 we love the local and traditional – where else do you see lettuce as soft as butter on the menu? – But that does not mean we cook in precisely the same way as our grandmothers did. I enjoy using my experience in Indonesian and Japanese cuisine to add a new twist to the finest that Northern Limburg soil produces. In other words: Treat yourself to a surprise. And feel free to tell us what you do and don’t love, and we will of course take that into account as far as possible.

Because apart from our menu and the creation of a homely atmosphere, we pay a lot of attention to our guests, so to you. Our team will make sure you’re not left wanting.

Kwartelenmarkt 11 at 3 stands for an evening of culinary delight in above all local, seasonal produce in a warm atmosphere and for an honest price.

Roel Welles
Patron Cuisinier

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