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Christmas dinner at Kwartelenmarkt11

On Christmas eve, first and second christmas day we are open.
These days, a delicious and surprising Christmas menu is served.
Of course we take into account wishes, allergies and diets.

Reservations on these days start from 17:00.

5 courses for € 48.50 per person.

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to book for first Christmas day (FULL).

Wine list

Wat is een heerlijk gerecht zonder een passende wijn?
We beschikken over een uitgebreide wijnkaart die voor elk gerecht én voor elke smaak een geschikte wijn biedt.


Bodegas Trenza Vino de Espãna La Orphica, Yecla, Spanje- Blend van macabeo, sauvignon, verdejo en een drupje moscatel. Groengeel getinte wijn met een opwekkende geur van appel, perzik en anijs. De smaak is soepel en sappig met rijp peerfruit, een levendige frisheid en milde finale.

Per fles € 24,50
Per glas € 5,25

Calmel et Joseph, Villa Blanche, Chardonnay, Languedoc- Roussillon, Frankrijk – De bodem is een combi van vulkanisch, klei en kalksteen. Plukken doen ze hier ‘s nachts om de frisheid te behouden en in twee etappes. Een vroege oogst en circa 15 dagen later een rijpere oogst voor extra aroma en concentratie. Een gedeelte van de opbrengst rijpt voor drie maanden in Frans eiken. De kleur is schitterend goudgeel. In de [...]


If you want to make a reservation for today, it’s the best to contact us by telephone before 6 p.m.
Phone: 003177- 303 1023

If you want to make a reservation for another day, you can send your request in the form below to a maximum of 10 people. You will always receive a rejection of confirmation.


Book now

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A small impression of our homely restaurant.
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Japanese menu

Japanese menu
Japanese menu – 日本語メニュー

The Japanese love pure and honest food. We, too, find that really important, so we would like to familiarise you with various styles of Japanese cuisine.

I myself have gathered experience in Japanese cuisine and have done various periods of work experience with Japanese chefs. I would love to share that pure and honest cuisine with you in an 8-course menu. In this dinner that lasts the whole evening we work with lovely, luxury products and ingredients prepared in different ways.

We will make sure that you are not left wanting. You make your own Sukiyaki at the table. This is a do-it-yourself dish whereby you yourself have your meat cooked in a pan on your table. But of course the Tepan Yaki, Tempura, Sashimi and Teriyaki will not be missing either.

We’ve thought of everything to acquaint you as well as possible with Japanese cuisine. You eat with chopsticks (hashi), get [...]


What’s on the menu? A normal demand in eateries, also at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3. But with us you will not find a menu for making your choice. We work as much as possible with fresh products and surprise you with pure flavors on the basis of that changing range.

Roel Welles tells you at your table what he can serve you. He makes a personal menu based on daily fresh products, which is put together in consultation. In this way, it is a surprise what you are going to eat every time you visit Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3. If there are certain ingredients that you do not want or are not allowed to eat, Roel will of course take this into account. Of course vegetarians will also get their money’s worth at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3. In consultation with Roel, we turn it into a vegetarian party based on the most beautiful fresh [...]

I would like to welcome you at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3.

The Kwartelenmarkt is a place that has traditionally been linked to food. From the fourteenth century until after the Middle Ages, quail was traded here – as the name suggests. And in the first half of the nineteenth century there was a mill on this square that was used to grind grain and pepper.

I am telling you this because at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3 we link up in a contemporary way to regional agricultural and culinary traditions. Whenever possible, we source the products for our dishes directly from local growers, butchers and bakers. Because we are proud of the products that this region produces. Because it is precisely what you get up close that is fresh and therefore the tastiest.

So at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3 we like local and traditional – where do you still see a buttery buttery lettuce on the [...]

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