Japanese menu – 日本語メニュー

The Japanese love pure and honest food. We, too, find that really important, so we would like to familiarise you with various styles of Japanese cuisine.

I myself have gathered experience in Japanese cuisine and have done various periods of work experience with Japanese chefs. I would love to share that pure and honest cuisine with you in an 14-course menu. In this dinner that lasts the whole evening we work with lovely, luxury products and ingredients prepared in different ways.

We will make sure that you are not left wanting. You make your own Sukiyaki at the table. This is a do-it-yourself dish whereby you yourself have your meat cooked in a pan on your table. But of course the Tepan Yaki, Tempura, Sashimi and Teriyaki will not be missing either.

We’ve thought of everything to acquaint you as well as possible with Japanese cuisine. You eat with chopsticks (hashi), get Japanese tableware, and we have the best Sake to go with your dinner. If you’d like to finish the dinner in entirely Japanese style, you can end with a Japanese whiskey or Japanese tea.

As we work with luxury products in this menu, we ask you to state with your reservation at least 3 day beforehand that you want to make use of the 14-course menu of Japanese specialties.

This menu is served only per table for € 99,50 per person excluding drinks.

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