Want to sample the atmosphere before coming?

I would like to welcome you at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3.

The Kwartelenmarkt is a place that has traditionally been linked to food. From the fourteenth century until after the Middle Ages, quail was traded here – as the name suggests. And in the first half of the nineteenth century there was a mill on this square that was used to grind grain and pepper.

I am telling you this because at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3 we link up in a contemporary way to regional agricultural and culinary traditions. Whenever possible, we source the products for our dishes directly from local growers, butchers and bakers. Because we are proud of the products that this region produces. Because it is precisely what you get up close that is fresh and therefore the tastiest.

So at Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3 we like local and traditional – where do you still see a buttery buttery lettuce on the menu? – but that doesn’t mean we cook exactly like our grandmothers did. I like to use my experience in Indonesian and Japanese cuisine to give a different twist to the best of North Limburg soil. I would say: let yourself be surprised. And feel free to indicate what you do not or do not like, then we will of course take this into account as much as possible.

Because in addition to our menu and creating a homely atmosphere, we pay a lot of attention to our guests, in other words to you.

Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3 stands for an evening (or afternoon) of gastronomic enjoyment of mainly local seasonal products for a fair price and in a warm, luxurious ambiance. You sit in comfortable chairs, we double our tables, decorate with fresh flowers and we serve our wines in spacious glasses. In short: our team ensures that you lack nothing.

Why 11 op 3?

Some guests wonder what our name Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3 means. That’s right. In the spring of 2016 we opened our doors in the building across the square with house number 11. Kwartelenmarkt 11 quickly became a household name in Venlo and beyond. That’s why we wanted to somehow bring that name back when we moved to our current location at number 3 at the beginning of the summer of 2020. Because the atmosphere, the hospitality and the class moved with them: hence the name Kwartelenmarkt 11 op 3.

Roel Welles
Patron Cuisinier

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